Being pregnant and parenting is a big task. Although no parent knows what to expect, you can prepare yourself with classes ahead of time. At Metro Women’s Center, we offer educational opportunities for expecting moms, dads, and families with young children. Our free group classes help equip you as a parent. As you attend classes, you earn points that can be redeemed for various baby items, like car seats, and more. Appointments can be made for individual sessions on specific topics.

Each class is fun and easy-to-follow. The pregnancy classes cover the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy. The parenting classes teach infant hygiene, safe sleeping, car seat safety, and even life skills for moms and dads, such as creating a budget.

Free pregnancy classes

We offer free classes to teach you about every stage of pregnancy through delivery. Knowing what to expect when you’re expecting gives you confidence. We’ll be with you along the way too.

  • Pregnancy trimesters
  • The importance of prenatal health care
  • Eating for two
  • Labor expectations
  • Newborn care
  • And much more!

Free parenting classes

By choosing to parent, you have already shown your child you want to be the best mom (and dad) possible. You are the one(s) that will mold and affect them in these early years. Be prepared with our free parenting classes.

  • Infant Expectations 0-12 Months
  • Infant Development & Bonding
  • Infant Safety, SIDS & CPR
  • Infant Care & Hygiene
  • Car Seat Safety
  • Toddler Developmental Milestones
  • Toddler Safety, Accidents & Illnesses
  • Learning through Play
  • Toddler Nutrition

Reservations are required and are on a first-come, first-served basis. Please fill out our Contact Form and let us know which classes you’re interested in! We’re here for you and ready to help you succeed. You can be an amazing parent, and we will help you along the way.