The HOPE Program

The HOPE Program is an incentive-based program offering participants opportunities to earn points that can be exchanged for needed baby items

Who is eligible for the HOPE Program?

  • A pregnant woman has taken a pregnancy test at Metro Women’s Center. The biological father who attends the appointment can also be eligible.
  • A pregnant woman and/or biological father can give Metro Women’s Center a verification of a current pregnancy.
  • A new mother and/or biological father referred to Metro Women’s Center through a hospital or other program upon a child’s birth.

General guidelines of the program

  • The program is available during pregnancy and beyond the birth of a child (points expire when the child turns one year old).
  • Only the pregnant woman / new mother and the baby’s biological father can earn points through this program.
  • You will not be given points for activities completed before you enroll.
  • Clients may not donate items to the HOPE Program in exchange for points.
  • Please contact us about helping with special circumstances regarding baby needs.

Ways to earn points

  • Job credits
  • Attending Restore Center classes
  • Attending prenatal check-ups
  • Immunizations, well-baby checks
  • Church attendance
  • Smoking, drug, or alcohol cessation program
  • Finish high school
  • Complete a GED program
  • College courses (points are given at the end of each completed semester)
  • Watching educational videos at the office
  • Attending Bible study
  • Reading parenting books
  • Attending childbirth classes

Items to earn

  • Diapers
  • Baby wipes
  • Baby clothes
  • Maternity clothes
  • Formula
  • Larger items such as Pack N Plays, strollers, or car seats