I'm Just Wondering...

I’m just wondering . . .

By Colleen Tronson

They say it’s a woman’s body and her choice, and identify that choice in the womb as tissue.
They defend a woman’s right to terminate said tissue.
They claim most women don’t regret terminating tissue.

But when that tissue is born, they rise to defend and protect the tissue’s future by opposing adoption.
They claim most women regret making an adoption plan for their tissue.
But it’s only tissue, what is there to regret?

They call adoption “child stealing,” but it’s only tissue, right?
Does an abortionist steal a child’s life away through abortion or just steal tissue?
Maybe it’s only stealing when an adoption agency helps a mother with her tissue?

Why are women, who abort tissue, not considered dangerous parents?
Why are people wishing to adopt that same tissue scrutinized as potentially harmful to the tissue?
If the only people that can love tissue are the biological parents, why is there so much tissue abuse?

Doesn’t the tissue lose everything in abortion and gain everything when left alone?
Is the problem, really, when tissue is left alone abortionists have everything to lose?
Is the tissue more valuable or more worthy of defense depending on who gets paid?

Do you wonder, too?