FAQ’s, Minneapolis and the surrounding Twin Cities suburbs, MN

Q: How far along in my pregnancy do I need to be before I can come to Metro Women’s Center?

A: You are welcome throughout your pregnancy.

Q: Do you provide a place for me to live after the baby is born?

A: We will assist you in making plans and exploring housing options once the baby is born.

Q: How can I be sure I’m pregnant?

A: If you miss a regular period and have been having unprotected sexual contact, you may be pregnant. Metro Women’s Center can provide a free urine pregnancy test here in our office. We are not a medical clinic. Our staff and volunteers will not tell you that you are pregnant. They will assist you by providing the pregnancy test and assisting you in understanding the manufacturer’s directions on the test. A pregnancy must be confirmed by a medical doctor. We can refer you to a medical doctor for prenatal care if you find that you have a positive test.

Q: How should I tell my baby’s father and my family about my pregnancy?

A: Every situation is different. There is no right way to tell your family. Metro Women’s Center will work with you providing resources and options to assist you in coming to the best decision. Our volunteers will help you think about how to tell anyone about your pregnancy. If you would like, you can bring your family and/or baby’s father to the office with you when you have your test done or they can come with you for a second visit.

Q: Should I parent my child or look at adoption as a way to meet my parenting goals?

A: Again, there is no “right” answer to this question. It depends on each person’s situation and what you want to do. We will help you consider all your options and explore parenting, adoption, or marriage to the baby’s father to help you find out what the right decision is for you. We can put you in contact with licensed adoption agencies if you would like to explore that option.

Q: Should I get married if I’m pregnant?

A: Having a child does not mean you are required to get married to the baby’s father. It is something to consider as you plan for your future and your child’s future.

Q: Where can I live before and after my baby is born?

A: Depending on your age, you have many choices about where to live during your pregnancy and after the baby is born. If you are a minor (under age 18), it is usually best to live with your parents or other relative. In some cases, staying at home is not possible. There may be family problems which make staying at home difficult. In any case, there are maternity homes in the MPLS area and in other areas of the country that exist to help pregnant women. Those that house women under age 18 must be licensed foster homes. For women over age 18, another option would be to live with a private family that is willing to open their home to a pregnant woman during her pregnancy and for 6 weeks after the birth of her baby. Another option would be to consider MWC’s Amazing Grace Home. There are also programs which help single parents with housing after the baby is born by providing low cost rents or housing as part of a larger program.

Jeremiah Program

Q: What about school and my job?

A: It is illegal for someone to fire you from a job or to deny you access to a public high school education strictly because of a pregnancy. There are schools for pregnant teens at various locations around the state which will help you continue your education. You may also continue to stay in your own high school during the pregnancy. Most women are able to continue working throughout their pregnancies unless their doctor has given them physical restrictions against it.

Q: Where do I find a good doctor and what about medical insurance?

A: We can refer you to a medical doctor for prenatal care. If you do not have insurance, you can apply for medical assistance or Minnesota Care through the state of Minnesota. You can access Medical Assistance applications online at www.dhs.state.mn.us/healthcare/applications

If you have a pregnancy-related need, please call our office at 763-533-8642. All calls are returned confidentially.