2a-Hope Program

The Hope Program

Who is eligible for the HOPE Program?

  1. A pregnant woman and/or biological father who have had a pregnancy test at MWC.
  2. A pregnant woman and/or biological father who can give MWC a verification of current pregnancy.
  3. A woman and biological father who are referred to MWC through a hospital or other program upon the birth of a child.

General Guidelines

  • The program is available during a pregnancy and for one year beyond the birth of the child. Points expire when your baby turns one year old.
  • Only the pregnant woman/new mother and the biological father of the baby are eligible to earn points through this program.
  • Points will not be given for activities completed before you enroll.
  • Clients may not donate items to the HOPE Program in exchange for points.

Ways to Earn Points

  • Job credits
  • Restore Center Classes
  • Pre-natal checks
  • Immunizations, well-baby checks
  • Church attendance
  • Smoking, Drug or Alcohol Cessation Program
  • Complete High School
  • GED program
  • College classes (points given at the end of each completed semester)
  • Educational videos at the office
  • Bible Study
  • Reading Parenting Books
  • Parenting Classes
  • Child Birth Classes